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Are you looking to promote your business with some promotional photo or video content? Well, what better way to do it by hiring attractive and professional models through Asian Modelling Agency. We employ some of the most professional and beautiful female and male Asian models throughout the world. Our wide network and international presence makes us one of the most sought after modelling agency in the world.

Asian Modelling Agency has many different offices all around the world including USA, Singapore, Korea, China and many other countries. One of those countries is Australia. If you are looking for Asian models in Australia then you know who you can contact. We can provide a wide range of Asian models for your business photoshoot. Not only do you get to hire beautiful and handsome Asian models, you also get to work with some of the most professional models in the industry.

We are also open to applications from Asian models (both male and female) living in Australia. Our strong and international network can help open many professional doors for you. We are regularly approached by different people from the global entertainment industry who want to hire our models for different videos and photoshoots. So you never know when you might be seen on the cover of popular fashion magazine.

Our modelling agency offers services in all prominent regions of Australia. We operate in 7 major locations throughout Australia including;

  • Sydney Asian Modelling Agency
  • Brisbane Asian Modeling Agency
  • Gold Coast Asian Modeling Agency
  • Melbourne Asian Modelling Agency
  • Adelaide Asian Modeling Agency
  • Perth Asian Modelling Agency
  • Cairns Asian Modeling Agency

So if you are looking to work as a model or you want to hire any Asian models for your promotional content, give us a call at 305-773-6351 or send a friendly email to