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Thailand is home to one of the most beautiful people in the world. This is why we actively work in Thailand to find some of the most beautiful and professional Asian models in the world. We also offer our services in the country as well. Our offices are located at two different locations in Thailand i.e. Pattaya and Bangkok.

If anyone is looking for Thai or other Asian models in Thailand then they can contact us and we will make sure that they get an amazing photoshoot and video shoot experience with our Asian Models.

We also encourage local Thai Models to contact us with their right credentials and information that we can help them get noticed. We are an international brand with a wide network that can be very advantageous for Thai models that have yet to see a bright light in their career.

We are open for applications from both male and female applicants. If you want to be part of our Asian Modelling agency then send us your measurements, photos and all other information you think will help us choose you for our agency.

If you want to become a model with us so that you can experience international exposure then it is ideal to send an email to us along with the photos. In addition to that you should also visit any of our two locations in the country. Don’t forget to bring your photos along.

If you are looking to hire models or you want to apply for the position of model with Asian Modelling Agency then you can contact us at You can also call us at 305-773-6351.