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Asian Modeling Agency

We believe that there is a huge demand for Asian models in the current entertainment industry. Not just that, many businesses also tend to hire Asian Model for their promotional content. Previously there haven’t been any modelling agencies that specifically employed Asian models. We not only consider ourselves the pioneers of such modelling agency but we also consider ourselves to be a premium modelling agency that specializes in employing Asian Models.

If you are looking for Asian models (male or female) for any promotional content for your business then you don’t have to go to any other modelling agency when you can come straight to us.  In other modelling agencies, Asian models are a part of their catalogue. For us, Asian Models are our business. We employ elegant and professional models, that are not just beautiful but they also know how to pose for professional photographs. You will not be disappointed with the service you get.

We take pride in offering our services in the USA and in other significant cities in the world. We are located in a lot of major locations throughout the world including USA, Japan, China, Singapore, UK, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, France and Italy.

We have a wider range of Asian models working with us. So you are bound to find a model that would fulfill your business requirements. We can help you find the perfect model with the perfect height and style for your business photoshoot.

If you are looking for professional Asian model in any of the above mentioned locations then you know who to contact. You can contact us through phone number 305-773-6351 . You will be connected to a person named Matt who will help you book the perfect Asian Models for your business photo and video needs.  You can also contact us through email if you have any queries or if you want to book any of our professional models.  Our email address is Info@AsianModellingAgency.com.



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